Cell 4

Cell 4 Diagram

Cell 4 Diagram

Burn Cell #4 had couches on both the east and west walls. The flooring was half carpet with padding on the west, and vinyl tile on the east. There was a 5’x 2’ window on the east wall and a 4’x4’ window on the north wall. The south wall contained a standard door opening and 2’x 3’ window. The area of origin was in a trash container immediately north of the couch along the west wall.




Recorded Temperatures

Flashover occurred approximately 5 minutes after ignition

Maximum ceiling temperature: 1774º F

Maximum floor temperature: 1681º F

The fire burned post flashover for approximately 2 ½ minutes before being extinguished




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Colma Fire

A special thanks to Colma Fire Department for construction and fire suppression, W.L. Butler Construction for providing the location for the burn, GreenWaste of Palo Alto for debris removal, and to the countless volunteers who made this event possible.