Cell 2

Burn Cell 2 Diagram

Burn Cell 2 Diagram

Burn Cell 2 was the only room where an ignitable liquid (liquid accelerant) was present. It had a twin mattress laid on top of wooden pallets in the northwest corner, and wooden cabinets along the east and south walls. The floor was divided into quadrants: hardwood floor in the southwest, vinyl tile in the northwest, carpet with padding in the northeast, and bare 5/8” plywood subfloor in the southeast near the door. The room had a 4’x4’ window on the north wall, and a door and window on the south side. Approximately 90 oz. of ignitable liquid (paint thinner) was poured in the center of the room where the four flooring materials came together, and trailed onto the mattress and bedding material to the north.


Recorded Temperatures

Flashover occurred approximately 1 ½ minutes after ignition

Maximum ceiling temperature: 1711° F – recorded after approximately 2 ½ minutes

The floor temperature reading in this cell did not operate properly, however the maximum temperature recorded approximately 3 feet above the floor along the east wall was 1595° F

The fire burned post flashover for 1 minute before being extinguished



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Colma Fire

A special thanks to Colma Fire Department for construction and fire suppression, W.L. Butler Construction for providing the location for the burn, GreenWaste of Palo Alto for debris removal, and to the countless volunteers who made this event possible.