Ed Graf Moves Incrementally Closer to a New Trial

On Friday, January 11th, Ed Graf was given a chance to present evidence in a Waco, TX courtroom of some of the faulty science that led to his conviction and provide new evidence which supports his innocence.

The Arson Research Project’s report describing the unreliability of fire pattern analysis in determining the presence of ignitable liquids and the reliance on that type of evidence by the State’s fire investigators was submitted to the court for their review.

Also, research supporting an accidental cause of the fire based on carbon-monoxide levels in the victims blood (COHb) was submitted by Doug Carpenter of Combustion Science Engineering.

A recommendation on the case by Retired State District Judge George Allen is expected at the next hearing scheduled for January 24th.   Judge Allen’s recommendation will go to the Texas Court of Appeals for a final decision regarding a new trial.

The full article from the Waco Tribune is here.