George Souliotes

George SouliotesRELEASED FROM CUSTODY, California
On July 3, 2013, In order to be released from custody after spending 16 years in prison for an accidental fire misidentified as arson, George Soulitoes entered an Alford plea to involuntary manslaughter for negligently maintaing the smoke alarm in the rental property where a mother and her two young children died in afire in 1997.  The superior court judge ordered his immediate release from custody.


Two fire investigators testified that liquid accelerant must have been present in the 1997 fire that killed a mother and her two children, due to the low burning in the living room, holes burned through the floors, “pour patterns” and witness statements from the first responding firefighters that the fire was abnormally hot.

Case Documents

Arson Research Project Declaration in support of George Souliotespdf
Souliotes Evidentiary Hearing Opinion – April 26, 2012pdf
Fire Investigation Reportpdf
Fire Investigator Preliminary Hearing Testimonypdf
Fire Investigator First Trial Testimonypdf
Fire Investigator Second Trial Testimonypdf


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Fire Scene Photos