Amanda Gutweiler

Amanda GutweilerIndicted for Arson and Murder, Louisiana
Plead guilty to negligent homicide, released after serving 4-years in pre-trial detention.

In 2001, twenty-miles north of Alexandria, Louisiana, Amanda Gutweiler was arrested for the murder of her three children after a fire investigator saw signs of spalling on the concrete slab in the area of origin. The investigator’s suspicions of an ignitable liquid were confirmed by the alert of an accelerant detection K-9 in the same area. A follow-up investigation by a prosecution expert dismissed the spalling and other burn patterns as indicators of the presence of an ignitable liquid but confirmed the conclusion of arson based on fire modeling and a determination of multiple points of origin.

Nearly 10-years after the original indictment, Amanda Gutweiler plead guilty to negligent homicide. Because she had spent 4-years incarcerated awaiting trial, she was released with time served.

Case Documents

State Fire Marshal Report pdf
Expert Opinion – 2002pdf
Expert Opinion – 2004pdf
Expert Opinion – 2008pdf
Louisiana Supreme Court Rulingpdf


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